Sleep better. Live better.¹

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Circadin is a prolonged release melatonin tablet for the short-term treatment of primary insomnia*, characterised by poor quality of sleep, in adults aged 55 years or over.

*primary insomnia is insomnia without an underlying medical cause or any other clear cause.

Circadin® Sleep better. Live better.¹

Having trouble sleeping? Not being able to sleep is a common problem for many of us, particularly as we get older. There are many reasons leading to poor-quality sleep and waking up still feeling tired and unrestored.

Not getting enough quality sleep and starting the day feeling tired can affect how you feel and function for the rest of the day, affecting your energy levels, your health, and even how you perform at work or do your daily tasks.


Melatonin - the sleep hormone

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced in the brain that helps regulate the circadian rhythm –  your internal body clock, and control your sleep patterns and quality. Taking melatonin, the active ingredient in Circadin, when your sleep quality is unsatisfactory can help promote sleepiness and improve the quality of your sleep – helping you sleep better,1 wake up more alert1,2 and ready for the day ahead!1,3

With its prolonged release formulation, the melatonin in Circadin is designed to mimic the body’s natural melatonin secretion and help improve your sleep quality and morning alertness.2,5

Circadin is now available from your local pharmacy without a prescription – you will need to talk to your pharmacist first and they will decide if Circadin is right for you.


Circadin prolonged release melatonin tablets:

  • Are designed to release melatonin gradually over 8-10 hours6
  • Mimic the body’s natural patterns of melatonin secretion1,3

Circadin has been clinically proven* to improve:
*Compared to placebo, in patients 55 years and older1,3,4,7-9

  • The time it takes to fall asleep1,3
  • Sleep quality4,7,8
  • Morning alertness7
  • Quality of life1,3


Melatonin – sometimes known as the ‘sleep hormone’ is a hormone that the brain produces in response to darkness. It regulates our natural circadian rhythms (24-hour internal body clock) and our sleep patterns and quality.

Sleep Problems

Sleep problems can come in different forms – you may have trouble falling asleep, wake up in the middle of the night, or wake too early in the morning and not be able to fall back to sleep. You might also feel that your sleep was restless, light or of poor quality – poor-quality sleep can mean waking up in the morning still feeling tired and not refreshed despite having had ‘enough’ sleep.

Sleep Functions

You may think you’re not doing much when you’re asleep – but there are lots of important functions taking place in your body that help you recover from the stresses of the day and get ready for what’s in store tomorrow. Without enough quality sleep, your body has a hard time functioning properly – but there are things you can do to help improve the quantity and quality of your sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about Circadin and sleep problems?
Here are a few frequently asked questions along with some helpful answers.

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